The 2git conversion engine


It seems that there are quite a lot of features available in 2git at this point, after having being working intensely with the product for a year, deploying it to two clients on two different VCS. Unfortunately the end-user documentation is not maintained at the same pace, and the entry level for new users is quite steep.


In general the documentation will be improved, but at this point some level of shortcut to end-user involvement would come in really handy. Something that has the potential to be both entertaining and useful, and will spread easily on the web. The solution is a vblog; A short video to share on youtube.


A classic tutorial setup: A knowledgeable but (apparently) curious person is having a recorded conversation with an expert, who explains and shows. The A camera is on the two having the conversation, in front of a PC. The B-camera is grabbing the monitor of the PC.

The whole thing runs for less than 5 minutes.


All the equipment needed (camera, grabbers, editors) are already available so it’s really the time it takes to prepare and shoot. Say 3 people for half a day ≈ 12 hrs of work.