The 2git conversion engine

Github support


When I made my conversion with 2git, I need to make the end-result available. As conversion is some times a trial and error, there are intermidiary result we might want to look at and let the developers investigate and thus it also have to be made available. These are intermidiary results.

We want to be able to push the resulting version to Github, but as we do this many times we need to be overwriting or making several version of such a resulting conversion available.


As part of the conversion configruation, we define a target. The target is an organisation and repository name. When conversion is done, the result is pushed to org/repo on Github.

The push configuration needs to be configureable to allow for credentials to push as. To support intermediary results we will allow for adding sequence numbers if the conversion is a trial, while the final conversion will be without sequence numbers.

Example configuration:

# User for pushing to Github.
user: myuser
# Credential type for the user
# - ssh means ssh key-pair availble
credential: ssh

# Target repository org/reponame
target: praqma/2git-example

# conversion type, is it a trial or final?
# Either write 'final' or 'trail'
# use ENV[name] to get if from environment variable named 'type'
conversiontype: ENV[type]

# sequence number scheme
numberscheme: integer





Around one week of work.