The 2git conversion engine

Bitbucket support

Migrating to and pushing from a local Git repo is already possible in 2git, but certain interactions with Bitbucket still require a lot of custom coding. There’s no built-in support for creating, listing or deleting repositories, for example.


Allowing users to configure a Bitbucket repository as a target and exposing various actions such as creating, deleting or setting the default branch of this repo can make life much easier for migrating to Bitbucket.


We can add a Bitbucket target, which comes with its own configuration and custom actions. Configration can be set to point to a specific Bitbucket server/project/repository, allowing interaction through various actions. Functional tests can rely on the Bitbucket Docker image for spinning up a test environment on the fly.

target('bitbucket-server', 'web') {
    server ''
    project 'BRAVO'
    repo 'web'

    actions {

Bitbucket Server

Bitbucket server exposes a simple REST API that can be used to achieve all of this. The API doesn’t support authentication tokens or similar, so extra focus should be put on security.

Bitbucket Cloud

Bitbucket Cloud exposes a revamped REST API that exposes far more functionality than Bitbucket server. The API also supports authentication tokens, so securing the calls should be simple.


Simple interactions for both Server and Cloud should be achievable within a week.