The 2git conversion engine


The following guide explains how to quickly get up-and-running with 2git. It showcases a simple migration from ClearCase UCM to Git.

Get 2git

First, you’ll need to get your hands on 2git itself. You can either download the latest release from our public Jenkins or compile the sources yourself.

A quick sanity check of java -jar 2git.jar should yield a message stating you haven’t supplied the command file/migration script parameter.

Write your first migration script

2git interprets DSL scripts to execute its migrations. Below is a simple script to migrate a ClearCase UCM component to a git repository.

/* A convenient temp dir where all the migration magic will happen */
def migrationDir = 'C:/temp/migration'

/* Define and configure our source VCS, in this case, ClearCase UCM */
source('ccucm') {
    workspace "$migrationDir/ccucm"

    component 'component:RedBlox@\\bloxVob'
    stream 'stream:RedBlox_Int@\\bloxVob'

/* Define and configure our target VCS, in this case, Git */
target('git') {
    workspace "$migrationDir/git"

/* Define the migration process and steps */
migrate {
    filters {
        /* For the ClearCase UCM Baselines... */
        filter {
            /* that match the following criteria: */
            criteria {
                /* Created since May, 2016 */
                afterDate 'dd-MM-yyy', '01-05-2016'
            /* we extract the following information from the environment */
            extractions {
                /* The Baseline name */
                baselineProperty([myBaselineName: 'shortname'])
            /* and execute the following actions: */
            actions {
                /* Copy the contents of the source workspace to the target workspace */
                copy(source.workspace, target.workspace)
                /* Commit the contents of the target workspace */
                cmd 'git add .', target.workspace
                cmd 'git commit -m "$myBaselineName"', target.workspace

Run your first migration

Now run 2git, supplying it with your migration script.

java -jar 2git.jar path/to/myScript.groovy
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